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BDG provides robust adjustable Alumuinium Butt Pads for Full Bore target shooting and other high recoil rifles.
The recoil of Full Bore shooting places a lot of demands on a Butt Pad. All adjustments are simple and robust. Each of the three pad parts can be moved up and down and rotated to fit the shooters shoulder. The entire pad can then be moved to the optimum height on the stock for the range being shot and rolled to the perfect angle to help keep the rifle level. The aluminium pads are grooved to provide grip onto a shooting jacket. There are no rubber components so that the stock bears directly onto the shooters jacket. This has proven to be more accurate and more comfortable than a rubber pad. The adjustment available will help the shooter obtain the perfect sight picture with a centeredl spirit level bubble naturally.

BDG robust adjustable Alumuinium Butt Pads for Full Bore target shooting and other high recoil rifles. BDG markets Bags and carry straps from "Long Range". These bags are top of the line quality with an external pocket to take a cleaning rod and another pocket for your bolt and papers. The bags can be fitted with optional shoulder straps. An internal zipper allows the foam to be removed or replaced which is ideal for international travel or to provide extra protection or to compress the bag for packing in a suitcase. F class bags have enough room to fit the rifle with its scope and a bipod. All of these bags will take an assembled long range rifle fitted with a 30" barrel and foresight tunnel and adjustable butt pad. The colours shown are standard. Custom colours are available on request. Long Range is constantly improving these bags so that actual bags may differ from the images.
BDG Long Range Bags.
BDG Long Range Bag (Grey) for Full Bore Target Rifle.

Rifle Accessory Pricing

Item Price (AUD)
Butt Pad Aus$295 incl GST + freight
Long Range Bag Aus$199 incl GST + freight
F Class Bag Aus$199 incl GST + freight
Shoulder Strap for Bag Aus$20 incl GST + freight

To order one of these products, please call 08 9258 7700 (Int +618 9258 7700) or email via the contact link.

For more information please contact us.