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The BDG Monoblock target rifle stock brings together the required technology for ultimate accuracy and repeatability. This stock was designed specifically for Full Bore target shooting. It excels in both prone and F class disciplines. Stability comes from the single piece stock that is CNC machined from a single piece of aerospace grade 6061T6 alloy. Only the adjustable parts are separate pieces. This monoblock construction means that the action is supported directly on a solid mass of material that is not weakened by joints, isnt affected by humidity and has long term dimensional stability. The design has been optimised to maximise stiffness around the action and remove mass from the fore stock under the barrel. This optimises both barrel dynamics and rifle ballance.
The recoil of Full Bore shooting places a lot of demands on a rifle stock. All adjustments are simple and robust. Fclass stocks can be simply converted back to a prone configuration by removing the front plate or bipod and the rear bag rail. BDG has been in the CNC machining business for 14 years and will continue to provide exceptional design, quality and long term parts availability.


Technical Specs

Applications Full Bore, F Class
Action Barnard CG Inch / Action Clear Remington700 Others by negotiation
Action Bed 90degree V
Weight approx' 2170g
Butt Length Adjustment 325 - 380mm
Butt Length Adjustment Increment 3mm
Cheeck Height Adjustment 0 - 35mm
Pistol Grip to Trigger Adjustment 12mm
Colours Bare Aluminium, Electric Blue, Black, Clear Silver, Gold, Red, Purple
Finish Anodised
Material 6061T6 AMS QQ-A-250 Aluminium Alloy
Construction CNC machined monoblock
Rifle Stock Pricing

Standard stock includes Jarrah Wood pistol grip, Black acetal plastic cheek rest, Black anodised butt bracket, trigger grip and choice of standard annodised or plain colours for the stock body with standard V block bedding for standard actions. Butt Pad and F class accessories are optional extras.
Item Price (AUD)
Stock Assembly V1 Aus$1799 incl GST + freight
Aluminium Pistol Grip Option Aus$100 incl GST + freight
Wood Cheek Piece Option Aus$70 incl GST + freight
F class front plate Aus$130 incl GST + freight
F Class rear rail Aus$70 incl GST + freight
FlexiBed Option for Millenium/CG Inch Aus$100 incl GST + freight
Adjustable aluminium Butt Pad (Black) Aus$295 incl GST + freight
Stock Assembly V1 US$1390 + freight
Stock Assembly V1 Euro 985 + freight

To order one of these products, please call 08 9258 7700 (Int +618 9258 7700) or email via the contact link.

To view or download PDF technical information on these products:
Rifle stock flyer 374kb

Competitors to BDG Stocks include HPS Grunig and Elmiger HHE hps-tr.
These stocks can be made to suit the following actions: Barnard Bernard Barnerd RPA Millenium Swing Paramount Muskgrave Inch CG Inch Remmington700 Remmington700SA
These stocks can be made to suit the following calibres: 308 .308 wsm308 308winchester 7.62 6mm 6mmBR 5.56 .222 .250 .270 .270wsm wsm270 270 magnum 270 6.5mm .223 7mm Remmington 7mm rsm7mm 22 .22 small bore full bore F class F-Class 6mmBenchRest .338 338LM 338 Lapua Magnum 378WM 378 wetherby 50 .50 50cal 50BMG 50calBMG 12.7mm
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