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BDG shooting components are designed by senior engineer Mark Pivac. Mark has over 20 years of professional engineering design experience and has been involved with rifle shooting for over 30 years, at various times as a target shooting competitor, member of the Australian military, as a military equipment designer and as a target rifle shooting accessory designer. Mark consults regularly with members of the Western Australian and Australian Full Bore Target rifle teams and Reg Wagland the Australian Full Bore Target Rifle Team Armourer.

BDG also designs and manufactures components for other high tech industries and through economies of scale and cross disciplinary expertise is able to bring niche high tech products to market in a cost effective manner.

BDG Custom Parts provides an exceptional Research, Development, & Production facility with:

  Aeronautical engineers and mechanical engineers on staff.

  3D computer aided design (CAD) modelling capabilities using Pro/Engineer, one of the world's most sophisticated CAD software packages.

  Computerised product tesing including structural and motion analysis.

  Computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling, all in house.

BDG designs and manufactures to elite requirements, ranging from custom billet rifle parts through to standard production assemblies.

23 Laurence Rd

Phone 08 9293 4020

a division of By Design Group Pty. Ltd.

For more information please contact us.